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Clubs like ours need as many people as possible to sign up as members, for three reasons.

It gives us cash up front to pay the musicians; it provides us with a database of local jazz enthusiasts whom we can contact directly, instead of having to rely so heavily on hit-or-miss publicity; and perhaps most importantly, it enables us to get to know our audience personally and help build up the loyalty that’s the lifeblood of any jazz club.

For a sub of just £16 a year, you can enjoy a £3 discount on door prices (which are normally between £9 and £11). We’ve also reduced the joint membership from £25 down to just £20.

So if you’re not a member or you wish to renew your membership, please contact
Mrs Pam Cotton, 12 Tower Gardens, Southampton SO16 7EL. Tel: 02380 768030,